Zelensky Finance is a 100% fair launch project where you, the user will be in charge of the future. The Genesis pools will start distributing $MOLOTOV reward on the 10Pm UTC 04/03/2022 These Genesis pools are the only way to earn $MOLOTOV from the start of the project and are used to kickstart the protocol. These Genesis pools will only last for 72 hours (until 12am UTC 07/03/2022)
The Genesis pools will consist of the following parties with the same multipliers:
. $FTM ($wFTM) = 25% Distribution
. $USDC = 25% Distribution
.$TOMB = 25% Distribution
Genesis Contract: 0xE9572A36C990f5b356b7F3478f55c06A6c9e3284
Rewards are earned immediately per block and can be harvested without any lockups, vesting or taxes.
Deposit Fees:
. $FTM ($wFTM) = 1%
. $USDC = 1%
.$TOMB = 1%
The money will be used for project development and buybacks.
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